Training and Further Education

The Glave Group is future-oriented and thus amongst other things emphasizes on good training. It offers training to young people in 12 apprenticed professions.

31 trainees* are working in the Glave Group.

There are important reasons for the Glave Group to support young people starting into their working life through good training:

  • Because the Glave Group is aware of its responsibility to society and addresses itself to the task.
  • Because well trained former apprentices are today responsible employees with great know-how.
  • Because the Glave Group sees the opportunity to positively influence young people by example and thus giving them an important foundation for their working life.
  • Because after finishing his vocational training a well trained young person, unlike a new employee, knows the corporate culture and is also professionally well prepared for his future tasks.
  • Because only with well trained staff is the Glave Group able to fulfil the ever-increasing demands in the market to the satisfaction of the customers.

The qualification of the employees and trainees is, next to the technical and organizational advancements, an important part of the modernization process. Next to the employees, apprentices are given tasks in the individual special fields in their own responsibility, e.g. stationary supply. Thus the trainees become more sensitive to business processes. In addition to the professional tasks the apprentices are trained through courses in good behaviour and social manners, first aid, health care, programmes like Excel, Word, NBS, and foreign languages.

To meet the ever-increasing demands, the employees need to be developed accordingly. This is done through continuous further training, through qualifications accompanying the process of changes in the work place and an initial training geared to the operational need.

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