Environmental Commitment

We understand our common business relationship as a partnership that secures a strong presence in the market for both partners. We view ourselves as a link between the producing mill and the processor. Because our company’s entrepreneurial success depends mainly on the product quality we can ensure, we continue in the line of high quality standard of our supplier works.

It is our goal, to strengthen the acquired market position and to actively continue to develop the increase of our quality capability through a high proficiency level. For this our product quality is planned in advance. It is documented and manufactured according to the required demands.

In order to ensure this, each of our staff members is obligated to gear his activity towards the directives given to him and to implement the requirements put forward to him, with the goal in mind to fulfil the required product quality, taking into account the environmental aspects regulated by law or through us. We view constructive criticism as helpful and commit (as much as possible) with your help and through the use of conducted error logging, to using the resulting correction measures to aspire for a continuous process of improvement of the quality management system. 

On all company levels, the Glave Group views the protection of the environment as a dept to society and thus expresses this responsibility as an important component in the company management through its environmental policy. Environment protection is not just about compliance to laws and regulations: To us these represent only the minimum requirements. We try to constantly improve and set economically justifiable standards in the area of environmental protection as well.