FE-research and development are important building blocks for progress and for the safeguarding of jobs.
The Glave Group works innovative in the sense that the group is constantly looking for modernization and improvements.

Increase in productivity, quality improvement, and widened production ranges constantly open up new clientele.

These new developments are technically implemented through processing machines from NLT Automation GmbH. More than 25 tools assembly robots PRCS20 and fully automated separating machines ASS10 delivered, lead to a steadily growing level of automation on the slitting lines – as well as at Norder Band AG as for a number of big steel manufacturers. Furthermore, the Glave Group sets a new standard through their manufacturing and use of packaging and multiple spooling equipment.

The most modern and up-to-date technology is used at the service centre Norder Band AG. Here it is being tested and improved before it is made available for the extended market in Europe.

Through development and introduction of the certified enterprise resource planning system NBS for Norder Band AG and Norder Band- und Blechberarbeitungs GmbH, the employees have been provided with one of the most up-to-date software for displaying the internal workflow in service centres.